YDIT- Best Engineering College in Bangalore


Lab and Infrastructure

The campus is spread across 7 acres. The College has several exceptionally well-equipped laboratories and workshops. There are separate labs and workshops for the use of the students of various branches. The other facilities include vegatrian acteris and transport facilities.


Faculty of 80 here are well qualified and experienced who are experts in technical field apart from being very good teachers. They possess a vision for the future and with the greater ability of inspiring the students in all round developments.


A library filled with more than 50,000 volumes of technical books can be found, under one single roof in the college. They are also subscribed to many of the international, national journals and other technical reports throughout the year.


Private Hostel facilities are available for boys and girls opposite to the college campus. Since college is situated on the national highway, classic hotels and P.G Accommodation available. Depending on preference, need and budget, range of accommodation available. In this regard college will provide assistance and guidance.


A fleet of buses covers all corners & important junctions of Bangalore city and Bangalore Urban. KSRTC/BMTC Government bus facilities to our college campus at very short intervals during the starting and ending hours of the college is available. METRO railway service is also shortly available from Bangalore city and Bangalore Urban.

12 Station Multi Gym

Internet Center


Parking Facilities

N.S.S Unit

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