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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Schools Message

Civil Engineering is the professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including work such as bridges, roads, canals, dams and buildings. Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering discipline in fact Civil Engineering schools is the mother of all the engineering. Ancient monuments, temples etc are perfect examples of civil engineering works.

Traditionally civil engineering is broken into different discipline including Env Engg, structural engg, Transportation Engg, Water resource Engg, Geotechnical Engg, Material Engg, Survey Engg and Construction Engg. Civil Engg takes place on all levels in the public sector and private sector. Nowadays, when the development and shortage of land has forced to move vertically in the construction sector, the scope of civil engineering has increased manifolds.

The college is providing Civil engineering course at the undergraduate level along with latest of the syllabus in collaboration with industrial experts. Our faculty is one of the best in the region and our teaching pedagogy is sure to build the practical skills in you during your stay at the college. Civil Engineers are in demand while development of highways, airports, rail lines, sea ports, shopping malls, multi-storied buildings etc. Civil engineer with determination and hard work are required for construction of structures and looking after the construction process in various such projects. These structures should also be satisfactory for the public in terms of comfort. I invite all engineering aspirants to this wonderful career of civil engineering.


The Civil Engineering branch plays a vital role in developing country infrastructure, keeping in view the rising demands of the civil engineering professional, the college started B.E civil engineering programme in the year 2010. The department of civil engineering schools at YDIT fulfills the requirements of acquisition of various skills by well-designed curriculum, taking into consideration global problems through the practical training, project training, industrial visits and exposure to various civil engineering software’s .

The faculty of the department comes from high reputed institutions with distinct teaching and industrial experience. They have specialized knowledge ranging from Geotechnical Engineering to Structural Engineering, Construction Management and from water resource and environmental engineering to transportation engineering. The well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and supporting staff are striving hard tirelessly to improve upon the quality of education to effective teaching learning process.

Teaching methodology at civil engineering schools department ensures the perfect balance of theory and practical learning throughout the four year of course. The Department has 6 laboratories with latest equipment for enriching practical experience of students. Here, students are getting equipped with practical skills required on the onset of their professional life as a graduate Engineer. The department ensures to give to the society a professional with sound understanding of the subject ready to take up their role and challenges coming their way.

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